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Since 2019, Evidence for Learning (E4L) has translated 13 Guidance Reports providing evidence-based recommendations for Australian school leaders and teachers. The Guidance Reports offer practical, evidence-based advice to schools on a wide range of specific topics.

E4L leverages the evidence reviews commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the subsequent EEF Guidance Reports to develop versions of the Guidance Reports that are contextualised for Australian audiences.

The E4L team works with local educators, school leaders and academics as reviewers throughout the process – beginning with identifying high-priority topics of relevance to Australian educators and school leaders.

Australian guidance reports process
Graphic: The translation process’

Local reviewers provide E4L with feedback and commentary on EEF versions of Guidance Reports, noting where language and content requires nuancing and where Australian research, frameworks, standards and other resources can add value and support school leaders to make connections. These reviewers, along with E4L’s reference group members advise on good practice aligned with recommendations forming the basis of vignettes, case studies and illustrations.

This is an iterative process, with a final draft shared with the EEF to ensure that the evidence base has been accurately represented where changes are proposed.

E4L has developed a suite of activities around the Guidance Reports to mobilise and support the use of evidence in Australian schools including webinars, professional development (PD) courses, tools and supporting resources, social media campaigns, blogs and articles co-authored with educators, and tailored professional development kits for schools and early learning settings to deliver their own learning in house.

Since the first Guidance Report Putting evidence to work: a school’s guide to implementation’ was released in 2019, the Guidance Reports have been accessed over 150,000 times.

E4l case study
Graphic: A selection of E4L’s Guidance Reports’

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To find out more about the contextualisation of guidance for school leaders and teachers in Australia, please contact Danielle Toon

About Evidence for Learning

E4L is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring all children throughout Australia, regardless of background, make the best possible learning progress. They do this by improving the quality, availability, and use of evidence in education and collaborating with education researchers, policy makers, systems leaders, educators, professional learning providers, philanthropists, and the wider community.

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