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For evidence to make a difference, it needs to be accessible. The Teaching and Learning Toolkit was developed by the EEF in collaboration with Durham University to ensure that high quality evidence can be accessed quickly by decision makers.

It is an accessible evidence portal that summarises the cost, impact, and evidence security of 40 education approaches that schools might consider when making decisions about how to improve education outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged students. This includes 30 topics relating to schools (for example, feedback, homework and small-group tuition) and ten topics related to early childhood education (for example, play-based learning, early numeracy approaches and early literacy approaches).

The Teaching and Learning Toolkit and the Early Years Toolkit draw on the best available international evidence through summarising research from over 3500 impact studies in education using a methodology known as systematic review. The Toolkits then provide headlines on: 
  • Cost: the average cost of the delivering the approach in the English system.
  • Impact: the average impact on attainment shown in months to demonstrate the progress made on average by children and young people who received the intervention in comparison to those who did not.
  • Evidence strength: the rating of the security of the evidence for each approach taking into consideration factors such as the number and quality of studies included in the strand, how similar or varied the results of those studies are and how recently the studies took place as to understand how reflective of current practice they are.
Toolkit Image
A snapshot of strand headlines taken from EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit

In addition, each strand contains extra detail about what sits behind the averages drawn from the international evidence base as well as important information on implementation highlighting local studies and contextual information relevant to the English school system.

The Toolkits are freely accessible on the EEF’s website and are designed to be used by teachers and school leaders alongside their professional judgement and their knowledge of their pupils and school settings. They act as a gateway to the evidence base on teaching and learning providing high quality information or best bets’ for time poor decision-makers.

Both Toolkits are live resources that are updated regularly with new findings from high-quality research as new studies become available.

Independent polling from the National Foundation for Education Research found that 70% of school leaders in England access the Toolkit when making decisions on pupil spending.

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About the project

To find out more about the Teaching and Learning Toolkit and the Early Years Toolkit please contact Mohammad Zaman.

About the Education Endowment Foundation

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. We do this by supporting schools to improve teaching and learning through better use of evidence.

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